ISOCS Summer School 2009

The first ISOCS Summer School was held in Barcelona from 28th September to 2nd October 2009.

School Organizer: Prof. Santiago Marco.


Flyer: programe_summer_school_2009_pagina_delantera_new.pdf (252.28 KB)

Programme: school_programme_isocs_2009.pdf (185,97 KB)

Venue: venue_summer_school_2009__2__new.pdf (685,63 KB)


Presentations: (you need to have a login and be an ISOCS member to download these files!)


Chemical Sensors; Fundamentals and Principles; Markus Graf: 1_Graf.pdf (4.996 KB)

Sampling & enrichement methods; Analytical Instrumentation; Patrick Mielle 2_Mielle.pdf (1.476 KB)

Signal Conditioning; Franco Maloberti: 3_Maloberti.pdf (4.168 KB)

Interfacing sensors to µC; A direct approach; Ferran Reverter: 4_Reverter.pdf (1.966 KB)

Biological Chemoreception I; Krishna Persaud: 6_Persaud.pdf (1.204 KB)

Biological Chemoreception II; Krishna Persaud: 7_Persaud_II.pdf (400 KB)

Multidimensional approach to understand smell perception; Manuel Zarzo: 8_Zarzo.pdf (485 KB)

Computational Neuroscience; Malin Sandström: 9_Sandstrom.pdf (1.194 KB)

Multivariate Linear Regression; Santiago Marco: 14_Marco.pdf (571 KB)

Applications in Real Life; Jan Mitrovics: 15_Mitrovics.pdf (1.368 KB)

Applications 3.1; QC of Food with Gas Sensor Arrays in Labs; Andreas Walte: 16_Walte_I.pdf (1.786 KB)

Applications 3.2; QC of Beverages with Gas Sensor Arrays in Industry; Andreas Walte: 16_Walte_II.pdf (918 KB)

Applications 4.1; Environmental Control with Gas Sensor Arrays; Andreas Walte: 16_Walte_III.pdf (916 KB)

Applications 4.2; Safety Control with Gas Sensor Arrays; Andreas Walte: 16_Walte_IV.pdf (3.019 KB)



Ice-breaker, fun with odors; Patrick Mielle: 2_Mielle_II.pdf (163 KB)

Monday, September 28, 2009 (All day) - Friday, October 2, 2009 (All day)
Barcelona, Spain